Entity components#

class flytekit.remote.entities.FlyteNode(id, upstream_nodes, bindings, metadata, task_node=None, workflow_node=None, branch_node=None, gate_node=None, array_node=None)#

A class encapsulating a remote Flyte node.

  • task_node (Optional[FlyteTaskNode])

  • workflow_node (Optional[FlyteWorkflowNode])

  • branch_node (Optional[FlyteBranchNode])

  • gate_node (Optional[FlyteGateNode])

  • array_node (Optional[FlyteArrayNode])

property task_node: FlyteTaskNode | None#

[Optional] Information about the Task to execute in this node.

Return type:


property upstream_node_ids: List[str]#

[Optional] Specifies execution dependency for this node ensuring it will only get scheduled to run after all its upstream nodes have completed. This node will have an implicit dependency on any node that appears in inputs field.

Return type:


class flytekit.remote.entities.FlyteTaskNode(flyte_task)#

A class encapsulating a task that a Flyte node needs to execute.


flyte_task (FlyteTask)

classmethod promote_from_model(task)#

Takes the idl wrapper for a TaskNode, and returns the hydrated Flytekit object for it by fetching it with the FlyteTask control plane.


task (FlyteTask)

Return type:


property reference_id: Identifier#

A globally unique identifier for the task.

class flytekit.remote.entities.FlyteWorkflowNode(flyte_workflow=None, flyte_launch_plan=None)#

A class encapsulating a workflow that a Flyte node needs to execute.

property launchplan_ref: Identifier#

A globally unique identifier for the launch plan, which should map to Admin.

property sub_workflow_ref#

[Optional] Reference to a subworkflow, that should be defined with the compiler context.

Return type: