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Glossary ‚Äč

  • Tasks: A task is an independent unit of processing within the Union Cloud system. It performs the actual computational work in the system. Tasks are implemented as containers running in your data plane. Tasks are a type of node.
  • Workflows: A workflow is as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) composed of one or more nodes (tasks or other workflows). Workflows are themselves a type of node.
  • Nodes: A node is either a task or a workflow. Since a node can be a workflow, this means that workflows can consist of tasks or sub-workflows.
  • Launch Plans: Launch Plans provide a mechanism to specialize input parameters for workflows associated with different schedules.
  • Executions: Executions are instances of workflows or tasks created in the system as a result of a user-requested execution or a scheduled execution.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling is critical to data and ML jobs. Union Cloud provides a native Cron-style scheduler.
  • Registration: Registration is the process of uploading a workflow and its task definitions to the Union Cloud. Registration creates an inventory of available tasks, workflows, and launch plans, declared per project and domain.