Viewing artifacts#

Artifacts list#

Artifacts can be viewed in the Union console by navigating to the artifacts app in the left sidebar:

Artifacts navigation

Artifacts overview

Artifact view#

Selecting a specific artifact from the artifact list will take you to that artifact’s Overview page:

Single artifact overview

Here you can see relevant metadata about the artifact, including:

  • Its version

  • Its partitions

  • The task or workflow that produced it

  • Its creation time

  • Its object store URI

  • Code for accessing the artifact via UnionRemote

You can also view the artifact’s object structure, model card, and lineage graph.

Artifact lineage graph#

Once an artifact is materialized, you can view its lineage in the Union console, including the specific upstream task or workflow execution that created it, and any downstream workflows that consumed it. You can traverse the lineage graph by clicking between artifacts and inspecting any relevant workflow executions in order to understand and reproduce any step in the AI development process.

Artifact lineage overview

To navigate through the lineage graph, you can click from artifact to artifact. Clicking the timeseries-hashed box in the image above will switch the scope such that the timeseries-hashed artifact is in focus. The lineage service then shows all artifacts that are one degree of separation from timeseries-hashed:

Single artifact lineage detail