Managing apps#

You need to create an application to allow external systems to run compute on Union, e.g. a Github action that registers or runs workflows.

Creating an API key#

To create an API key, run the following with the union CLI with any name.

union create app custom_name

Client ID: my-custom-name
The following API key will only be shown once. Be sure to keep it safe!
Configure your headless CLI by setting the following environment variable:


Store the <SECRET> into a secure location. For git development, make sure to not check in the <SECRET> into your repository. For GitHub actions, you can use Github Secrets to store the secret.

For this example, copy the following workflow into a file called

from flytekit import task, workflow

def welcome(name: str) -> str:
    return f"Welcome to Union! {name}"

def main(name: str) -> str:
    return welcome(name=name)

You can run this workflow from any machine by setting the UNION_SERVERLESS_API_KEY environment variable:

union run --remote main --name "Union"

Listing and deleting applications#

You can list all your application by running:

union get app
┃ client_id      ┃
│ my-custom-name │

The client_id contains your custom application name and a prefix that contains your user name.

Finally, you can delete your application by running:

union delete app my-custom-name