First workflow#

This section walks through building your first Union workflow, exploring the major features of the platform along the way.


If you have not already done so, follow the Quick start guide to sign into the Union UI, set up your local Python environment, and install the union[byoc] command line tool.

Your project on Union#

Each Union BYOC organization has a default project (called flytesnacks) where all your workflows will be registered unless you specify otherwise. We will use this default project for the rest of this guide.

To create additional projects, see Setting up a project.

Our example workflow#

In this section, we will use a workflow from Union’s unionai/unionai-examples GitHub repository that illustrates training a simple model using flytekit, scikit-learn, and pandas.

The model training workflow has three steps:

  • Getting the penguins dataset from

  • Training a HistGradientBoostingClassifier model using scikit-learn.

  • Evaluating the model by creating a confusion matrix, displayed as a Flyte Deck.

Next step#

The next step is Setting up your local environment.