Setting up your local environment#

Here we will set up your local Python environment and install the required dependencies.

Create a Python virtual environment#

Install conda using Miniconda, then run the following commands to create a new Python environment:

conda create -n ml-workflow python=3.11
conda activate ml-workflow

Install Python 3.8 or higher from your package manager or from, then run the following commands to create a virtual environment:

python -m venv venvs/ml_workflow_venv
source venvs/ml_workflow_venv/bin/activate

Clone the unionai/unionai-examples repository#

After setting up a virtual environment, clone the unionai/unionai-examples repository:

$ git clone [email protected]:unionai/unionai-examples.git

Install the dependencies#

Next, install the required dependencies:

$ cd unionai-examples
$ pip install -r guides/01_getting_started/ml_workflow/requirements.txt

This will install union, scikit-learn, pandas, and matplotlib.

Next step#

The next step is Setting up container image handling.