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Web console

Logging in

Once your organization has been onboarded with Union Cloud and your user accounts have been provisioned, go to the endpoint URL provided to you by the Union Cloud team. It will be specific to your organization. Something like:


You will be able to log in to your Union Cloud account here.

Choose a project and domain

After logging in successfully, you will see a list of your projects:

Project list

The Project list includes all (non-archived) projects in your organization. You can search for a project by name. Each project has three domains: development, staging, and production. To examine a project, select one of its domains. This will take you to the execution list for that project and domain.

Left navigation

The left navigation provides access to all the major parts of the Union Cloud web console.

Left navigation

The top of the left navigation shows links to views for the current project-domain combination:

When no project-domain combination is selected (for example, when you first log into your organization) the left navigation will only display the Projects link at the top and the organization- and user- specific links at the bottom.

Once you navigate to a project and domain they will be set to be the current ones and from that point onward the left navigation will show the links for that project-domain combination.

The bottom of the left navigation shows links to views for your organization:

  • The user ID link displays your identity and lets you sign out.